With Gratitude

Thanksgiving CornucopiaWith American Thanksgiving a few days away, we are busy with food preparations, table settings, and football schedules. It’s one of my favorite holidays (I’ll admit, it’s all about the food)! I think about strategies for the eating bit of it like eating a leafy salad or vegetables and the turkey first, then a small portion of potatoes and stuffing. Drinking a lot water before, during, and after the meal, and making sure I go on a walk and keep my routine as close to normal as possible.

All of the above is important but what I want to touch on today is equally as important to our overall health and wellness: gratitude.

Gratitude Increases Health and Happiness

There are numerous studies that show gratitude as an integral component to happiness and better mental and physical well-being (contact me and I can direct you to that information, if you’d like). Cultivating gratitude on a regular basis can lead to a more positive outlook, healthier mental and physical health, and an increased regular state of happiness.

Some ideas to get you on the gratitude track include:

  • Write down everything you are thankful for. You can use this as an exercise for your Thanksgiving gathering and have everyone share some of their list. A great way to express the intention of Thanksgiving itself.
  • Write a thank you letter. This can be for a kindness shown or just to express your gratitude for having that person in your life. Set a goal for doing it monthly. You make someone’s day and in return, you will feel the joy that you helped to create!
  • Send out great mental energy. Whether you pray, meditate, or radiate good wishes, this powerful routine not only sends goodness out into our world, it helps you to connect within. There is a power to a regular routine like this that can be game-changing.

Having the awareness to slow down and remember what’s good in each of our worlds is an important tool for happiness, health, and overall well-being. For those of you celebrating this week, Happy Thanksgiving! To each and every one of you, thank you.

Sending you all goodness and health,


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