What Is Your “True Why”?

What would it take for you to be motivated to lose weight, exercise more, manage your stress, sleep more soundly, get your diabetes under control, eat healthier, or whatever it is that you What is your true why?feel would make you happier?

Not an easy question.

No two of us are alike and neither is our motivation for achieving a similar goal. What works for you necessarily won’t work for me. My health coaching clients usually arrive with a goal in mind and leave with the goal achieved, but for completely different reasons from when they set out.

Why is this?

Because in almost every case there is something else at play that needs to be addressed, something deeper. My job as a health coach is to figure out with you the real motivation for your wanting to get healthy, and to find what really drives your desire to achieve your goal.

Uncovering Your Motivations

Holistic health coaches help you uncover your “True Why.” We don’t rely on fads, the latest miracle supplements, or the diet-of-the-week. We work with you to find out what’s best for YOU and no one else.

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PS:  Are you curious about my True Why?