Happy 4th Weekend!

Massage & holistic health diets for pre-habbing with Amy Smith.Happy 4th of July weekend! It’s hard to believe it’s here already; where has the time gone?  As I recover from a knee replacement, I’ve been contemplating the things that I’ve done to help my recovery and things that I could have done better.  As a holistic health coach, I truly believe in fueling our bodies properly with what they need, and what they need at the time.

Take a Holistic Health & Wellness Approach to Fuel Your Body

I started “pre-habbing” with a trainer three months before surgery. I worked on strengthening my whole body with a focus on my legs and core in preparation for my recovery. As a result, I was able to walk out of the hospital with only a cane. My physical therapist, doctor, and whole wellness team continue to be impressed at my recovery; I am “well ahead of the game,” according to my latest report.

That doesn’t mean it’s been easy (pain management!)  and the physical activity was only part of the equation. My diet has been largely anti-inflammatory with a focus on bone and immune-building proteins, vitamins, minerals, pro-biotics, and nutrient-rich foods. The whole point of the surgery is to get me back in control of my active life; the active life that I need to feed!

What would I do better? Investigate other pain-control methods and be ready with them. i.e. acupuncture, focused meditation, and massage. I didn’t realize how beneficial they would be.

My questions to you: how are you fueling your body for what it needs? What is it that you want to accomplish? What will it take to get there?

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To our good health!

One thought on “Happy 4th Weekend!

  1. Brian Hatten,M.D.

    Thank you for sharing your experience. In my surgical practice, I usually recommend physical therapy prior to knee replacement surgery. Like you, many patients can benefit from this pre-rehabilitation. We have a link on our website that shows that patients who “pre-hab” use less resources after their knee replacement.

    Dr. Brian Hatten


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