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Never Settle

Today is International Women’s Day, which is meant to celebrate the achievements of women and highlight the progress that still needs to be made. A part of me can’t believe that it’s 2016 and that I just typed “to celebrate the achievements of women” for one day out of the calendar year.

Unfortunately, the reality is that I live in a world where I come across men who still treat women as secondary, as children who need to be watched, coddled, guided, and are incapable of making their own decisions. That I still see girls and women cower because they are afraid of physical, emotional, and mental abuse and in some cases, who are truly afraid for their lives. Who live in places where the legal system and societal structures are stacked against them. The lack of education, opportunity, and parity dooms them to be a part of a cycle where there is (more…)

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The Kindness Connection – Three Things You Can Do Right Now

One of the most powerful things we can do to change our health is to change our thinking. Research continues to show the benefits of meditation, gratitude, mindfulness, and having a positive perspective (if you would like to know more about that research, email me and I will send you links). I’ve written previously on these benefits but want to add another layer to the mix: kindness. I like to think of this as the “kindness connection.” When we take the time to focus on awareness of self, being thankful for what we have and who we are, and turning our thoughts from the negative to the positive, we are being kind.

When you start to become kinder to yourself, it resonates outward. You become kinder to others and they, in turn, become kinder as well. Kindness is infectious and makes us feel good. It creates a cycle of patience, empathy, and compassion. We can all agree that our world could (more…)

What Is Your “True Why”?

What would it take for you to be motivated to lose weight, exercise more, manage your stress, sleep more soundly, get your diabetes under control, eat healthier, or whatever it is that you What is your true why?feel would make you happier?

Not an easy question.

No two of us are alike and neither is our motivation for achieving a similar goal. What works for you necessarily won’t work for me. My health coaching clients usually arrive with a goal in mind and leave with the goal achieved, but for completely different reasons from when they set out.

Why is this?

Because in almost every case there is something else at play that needs to be addressed, (more…)


5 Steps for a Healthy Holiday

The holidays provide (happy, delicious, decadent!) temptation at every turn: office goodies, evening celebrations, family dinners, and massive cookie trays that seem to be on every counter…to name just a few. These are all a part of our traditions, and should be enjoyed.

I am definitely not the Grinch who wants to steal your holiday (believe me, I look forward to them as much as you do!) but I do want to offer you some strategies – and perhaps a challenge? Here it is: (more…)

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7 Holiday Strategies for Diabetics

The holidays are here which means a lot of tempting food and treats that we don’t normally have. This is a particular challenge for diabetics to navigate. With a few strategies in place, you can keep your blood sugar levels stable and still enjoy holiday treats.

1. Maintain your schedule. Schedules seem to go out the window during the holiday season as we are pulled in more and various directions than normal. Try to keep your routine as close as normal but especially try to not skip meals, eat breakfast, take your insulin/medications at the same time you normally do, and maintain (or implement!) your exercise routine.

2. Plan ahead. We know what foods are going to be at the holiday table, office party, or neighborhood potluck. This makes your ability to plan your food intake that much easier. Include your sweets as a part of your carbohydrate budget, NOT in addition to. For example, for dinner choose the salad (the green, leafy kind, not the shimmering gelatin creation), side vegetables (preferably those that are the main attraction, not the sauce), and the meat/protein. (more…)

With Gratitude

Thanksgiving CornucopiaWith American Thanksgiving a few days away, we are busy with food preparations, table settings, and football schedules. It’s one of my favorite holidays (I’ll admit, it’s all about the food)! I think about strategies for the eating bit of it like eating a leafy salad or vegetables and the turkey first, then a small portion of potatoes and stuffing. Drinking a lot water before, during, and after the meal, and making sure I go on a walk and keep my routine as close to normal as possible.

All of the above is important but what I want to touch on today is equally as important to our overall health and wellness: gratitude.

Gratitude Increases Health and Happiness

There are numerous studies that show gratitude as an integral component to happiness and better mental and physical well-being (contact me and I can direct you to that information, if (more…)

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6 Strategies to Stop Sugar Cravings

It’s 9:00 pm and you’re winding down from a long day. You’re chilling out while reading or watching TV and then it strikes – the need for sugar. You’re tempted to go through the pantry to find some chocolate. Maybe there’s ice cream in the freezer. You’ve been so disciplined about what you eat, but on this night, you can’t help but give in.

As a holistic health coach, I’m often asked for strategies to mitigate sugar cravings. It is a common occurrence and sometimes, even the most disciplined person needs a few tips to get by. You need holistic diabetes coaching.

While there are several strategies you can employ to control or beat sugar cravings in a healthy manner, you still need to use common sense and practice portion control. Being mindful about what you are eating and how you are eating it will go a long way. Becoming aware of your own body and how it feels when you consume certain foods will help you identify what your body (more…)

Happy 4th Weekend!

Massage & holistic health diets for pre-habbing with Amy Smith.Happy 4th of July weekend! It’s hard to believe it’s here already; where has the time gone?  As I recover from a knee replacement, I’ve been contemplating the things that I’ve done to help my recovery and things that I could have done better.  As a holistic health coach, I truly believe in fueling our bodies properly with what they need, and what they need at the time.

Take a Holistic Health & Wellness Approach to Fuel Your Body

I started “pre-habbing” with a trainer three months before surgery. I worked on strengthening my whole body with a focus on my legs and core in preparation for my recovery. As a result, I (more…)

Five Simple Exercises for the Office (or home!)

Tips for wellness at the corporate or home office from Amy Smith online coach.Whether I have my “corporate wellness coach” or “holistic health coach” hat on (same thing, different audience), I often get asked about the reports on the danger of sitting too long. Research continues to support these reports but how are we, as largely a society of desk-jockeys, supposed to combat this? Gadgetry such as treadmill desks, in-office gym equipment, and mini trampolines have been put forth as solutions to combat our sedentary ways. These are all great but really, it doesn’t need to be that complicated. Each of us has the perfect machine already: our bodies.

High Performance Corporate Wellness is Easy with a Coach!

Having the awareness to move consistently is half the battle. Setting a timer for each hour as a (more…)

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Are You at Risk for Diabetes?

Do you lead a lifestyle filled with processed foods and sugary drinks and snacks? Are you overweight? Over 45? Have a family history of diabetes? Have high blood pressure? Exercise infrequently or not at all? If you answered yes to any one of those, then you are at risk for pre-diabetes or diabetes. (Note that I’m talking about diabetes type 2 here; the exact cause of diabetes type 1 isn’t known).

Diabetes is a disease where your body can’t produce any or enough insulin which results in too much sugar in the blood, or high blood glucose. Being pre-diabetic or having diabetes greatly (more…)